The “Mother yeast” or “starter” is the most ancient leavening agent used by humanity. It is made of a mixture of flour and water fermented, this natural process creates two kinds of fermentation alcoholic and lactic, this process produces CO2 creating air pockets therefore the proofing.

Daily feeding the starter is a crucial part of the sourdough, it’s simply providing the existing starter with fresh flour and water to keep it healthy and active, we are doing this since 1923.

The best way to obtain superior flavour and texture in any dough is to make it very slowly so that the DOUGH is properly NATURALLY fermented, thus allowing the complex flavours to develop.
The mother yeast presents different characteristics because it has been “worked” under different ambient conditions. The starter also “breathes” the air of its environment in which it lives, making each batch of sourdough unique.

We use the same process as used back in the old days, the only authentic method THEN THE delicate stage OF forming THE dough balls BY HAND AND ONLY AFTER AT LEAST 72 HOURS our hand stretched base IS READY.

why sourdough

Easier digestion is made possible by the bacterial predigestion of the sourdough, this means less digestion for you!

Sourdough has a lower glycemic index, meaning that it does not spike blood sugar as dramatically as modern processed doughs.

NATURALLY AND Longer fermentation time results in the protein gluten being broken down into amino acids, resulting in an easier and more pleasant digestion, even for those who are sensitive to gluten.

Sourdough is naturally self-preserving, therefore lasting longer and uniquely nutrient balancing for extra flavour and its distinctive texture.